Game Console HDMI Port Repair

If you are looking for the best in quality at an affordable price for an HDMI port replacement, look no further. At ColdConsoles we pride ourselves in the QUALITY of our work, at the best prices.

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How it works:


Damaged HDMI Port

The solder on these HDMI pins have all cracked, no video out!

Badly broken HDMI port. This repair required HDMI port and trace repair.

HDMI Port is carefully removed to avoid trace damage

Heatsinks will be cleaned.

Trace and pin damage can be repaired

Result of HDMI cable pulled out at an angle.

DIY HDMI port, gone wrong.  We were able to repair this.

This HDMI port has seen better days.  We removed the port and replaced it.

Liquid Metal is always replaced during HDMI port replacement service.

HDMI port split and many pins broke free of the main board.

HDMI Port was removed cleanly.

PS5 HDMI port that was worked on my another shop.    We were able to repair this motherboard.

Good Example of a DIY job that was brought in for Pin and Trace repair on the motherboard.   This Console is still in service 

Very clean removal and install of HDMI port.