Repair Work Photos

At ColdConsoles, we take pride in the quality of our repair work.     We DO NOT oursource any repairs.  All work is performed by staff on-site.   If you would like to see our laboratory, please ask for a quick tour. 

This PlayStation 5 developed a faulty RAM module, we were able to remove the defective module, and replace it with a re-balled module from a donor board.  12/16/2023

This PS5 came into ColdConsoles "No Power"    After careful examination of the power mains, a short was found on the 5V rail.    The capacitor shown above was shorted and capable of drawings 2.5A and was barely warm to the touch.   Once the capacitor was replaced, the system booted as expected. 

PlayStation 5 memory module solder spheres were cracked.   We removed the module, reballed it and replaced it.  12/5/2023

This Xbox Series X had built up some serious dust, and was starting to over heat after 30 minutes of game play.     Our Thermal Refreshing service removes all dust, thermal pads, paste, and liquid metal when applicable.   You console will run like new again! 

This PlayStation 5 came in with oxidized hot spot on the APU.  We removed all of the liquid metal on the APU and the heat sink, polished both surfaces, and reapplied the liquid metal.   No more overheating. 

This PlayStation 5 came in with a pretty badly damaged HDMI port.  We were able to replace this port and bring the PS5 back to life.  Repaired on 06/05/2023

Sony PlayStation 5, came in "Turns off Immediatlely after power on".    We found one of the caps on F7501 were shorted out!  The capacitor was removed, replaced, and unit now works as expected!   Repaired on 5/27/2023  

Another SCUF Instinct controller with bad joystick drift.   We have found the correct combination of parts to get these working like new again.    Repaired on 5/9/2023

This SCUF Instinct controller had developed some serious joystick drift.  We were able to replace the joystick module, as well as add a flex circuit that will allow the customer to correct for any future drift.          Repaired on 5/1/2023

Sony PlayStation 5 -1100 series PCB.   Customer brought this in, and was rightfully nervous it might not be repairable.  The connector was carefully removed, and replaced.  Luckily no damage to the printed circuit board occurred.   Repaired on 2/8/2023

Xbox One S:  Cracked and missing pins inside the HDMI connector.   Customer brought this in at the right time.  Once you start to see missing pins and or a bent pin, bring in it ASAP.    Repeated connection attempts while trying to get the HDMI port to work, usually results in shorting out the ESD diodes, or the Re-timer chip.     When that happens, the repair is TWICE as expensive. Repaired on 12/19/2022 

Sony PlayStation 5 - 1200 Series.   The HDMI connector was badly damaged, and most of the pins in the connector were missing.   The connector was carefully removed and replaced.  The system is working perfectly.  Repaired on 1/29/2023

Xbox One S : HDMI pads and traces were repaired and the port was replaced.    The photo on the left was the work of a DIY attempt gone wrong.  ColdConsoles reconstructed the pads and traces.    Another happy customer.   

Repaired 12/8/2022

PlayStation 5 1200 Series:   HDMI port was sheared off of its pads, as seen in the top left photo.  The HDMI pins should be straight across, not staggered.  Luckily only one pad was damaged and the 0201 capacitor was MIA.    

Repaired on 2/2/2023

Xbox One S:     Damaged HDMI connector, same physical connector under different lighting using 1080p High Definition Video Inspection Microscope system.    If you have any of the damage shown, bring your Xbox of PS in now, before you develop a short circuit.   These repairs are typically under $100


PlayStation 5:   This PlayStation 5 was found with a broken disc detection arm.   With spare PS5 drive parts at record heights, we were able to fabricate a new disc detection arm, and attach it to the mechanical assembly.  The drive works like new again.

Repaired 4/22/2023 

PlayStation 5:   Customer stated the optical drive would not read game discs.  We determine the laser lens drive was defective, and it was replaced.  The drive is not very quiet, and loads gaming discs as expected.

Repaired on 3/11/2023

This PS5 fan connector was torn off during a DIY attempt.   Unfortunately, that is not the easiest job to repair at the DIY level.  We were able to rebuild the traced and pads, and reattach the fan connector.

Repaired 4/22/2023


Gameboy Color:  The battery in this cartridge was near zero volts, and needed to be replaced.

Repaired 2/4/2023

Sony PlayStation 5 needed some TLC.   The console was dis-assembled, cleaned of all dust, and new thermal compound applied.  Runs like new.   Cleaned 1/5/2023

Sony PlayStation 4 was getting REALLY LOUD and HOT.   The console was dis-assembled, cleaned of all dust, and new thermal compound applied.    Repaired 4/22/2023

Sony PlayStation 4.   Machine was getting VERY hot!  The console was disassemlbed, the fan and thermal passages / vents were all cleaned and the system re-assembled.  Repaired on 1/1/2023.

Asus Gaming Laptop:  This unit has some serious build up after a few years of heavy use.  The system was not powering on, and the fans were frozen in place. 

Repaired on 2/18/2023.

Gaming Laptop:   This laptop had two fans that accumulated years of dust.   Luckily these fans were cleans before the bearning seized.

Repaired on 2/12/2023.

When dust accumulates, it blocks the flow of air and causes the console to overheat. This can shorten the lifespan of the parts and may cause the console to shut off unexpectedly or experience performance issues such as a drop in FPS. In severe cases, if the console does not have a thermal overload protection feature that automatically shuts it off when it overheats, the internal parts may become damaged or even melt.    Repaired 12/1/2022