Board Level Repair Services

If you are looking for the best in quality at an affordable price for gaming console board level repair services, look no further. 

At ColdConsoles we pride ourselves in the QUALITY of our work, at the best prices.

Few signs your console needs board level repair:

How it works:


Xbox Series X:   No Power Short Circuit Shorted capacitors found on the 12V rail.

PlayStation 5:   Failed RAM Module.   We removed, and re-balled the RAM module.

Xbox Series X:  Failed Optical Drive.

PlayStation 5:   Shorted capacitors found on a 5V rail.

PlayStation 5:   Hot spot developed on the APU.  We polished the APU and Heatsink to remove all the oxidation, and reapply the liquid metal.

PlayStation 5:   Cracked capacitor was found on a 3.3V regulator.

Fan connector was damaged during D.I.Y. project.

Xbox Series X:   Significant amount of dust accumulated.

When consoles don't turn on at all,  its typically a power supply or board level component that was failed.