Is your gaming console Overheating?

Console Cleaning Services

Xbox Cleaning / PlayStation Cleaning

If you are looking for the best in quality at an affordable price for a Console Cleaning to fix overhetaing issues, look no further. At ColdConsoles we pride ourselves in the QUALITY of our work, at the best prices.

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How it works:


Xbox Series X

The remove all the dust and debris, the console must be completely disassembled. 

Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 heatsinks, will easily pack on layers of dust which CANNOT be cleaned by just removing the factory white sides.  The console must be completely disassembled and cleaned to remove ALL of the debris which is causing the overheating.

All models Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles build up excessive dust with use.

Excessive dust will prevent any air flow

These heat exchanges need to be cleaned every year or two.

Dust build-up on system fan

Fans are removed from the consoles, and each blade carefully cleaned.

Power supply vents are clogged

We remove the power supply, clean every vent, and re-assemble.

Hot spot on the APU, liquid metal problems.

This is an all too common issue with the PS5.  Liquid Metal will flow to one end of the APU, causing oxidized HOT SPOTS.   Once this spot is large enough, it prevents addequate cooling and the console will shutdown.  Thermal Overload!   We remove all the liquid metal, polish the APU and heat sink surfaces then re-apply new Liquid Metal.   Problem SOLVED!